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Gemini October Current Love Energy Update YOU CAN WATCH SUN SIGN, RISING.
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Jupiter trine Ascendant Ascendant transit is a time of growth and good fortune. A lucky break could make you richer, happier and more content.

Spiritual growth also comes through relationships. You will want to grow and experience as much as possible through your one-to-one relationships.

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This transit signifies very warm relationships. People will generally be generous towards you so you deserve to feel optimistic. You will also feel more generous to others and want to entertain and make them feel comfortable and happy. Whether a serious love relationship or just a friend, a new relationship will be a great source of happiness and contentment.

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A new person entering your life will teach you to be more tolerant and understanding of others, especially from different cultures, religions or races than your own. Learning is a big theme and can occur through formal higher education or other classes, through relationships as mentioned already, and through long-distance travel or involvement in groups. This is also a good time to improve your health through diet, exercise, traditional medicine and natural healing methods like acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage.

Spiritual practices like meditation, Tarot, and astrology would also be very beneficial for your mind, body and spirit. Have this natal aspect, with addition that my Jupiter conjuncts fixed star Regulus at 0.

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Mars and Saturn square Ascendant. Any comments? Regulus ingress Virgo chart is as important as the Age of Aquarius chart. The combination of these energies: precessionary Aquarius and Regulus Virgo is already shaping our world in a profound way. Ive mentioned before Jupiter birthing.

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As is the involvement of the other 3 gas planets. The more people around, the more feelings I get. How much notice I take depends on how hungry I am!

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I get free haircuts, cakes at the local bakery, the best hotel rooms and endless free drinks. Here we go again. With one friend, though, I could see her partner was cheating on her. When I told her she refused to speak to me.

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It was hard, but when the truth came out months later she apologised. You can frighten yourself Once I was lying awake in bed and felt that a man was on top of me.

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